How the Right Facilities Services Provider Can Transform Your Company

When a company is first starting out, many business owners underestimate the power of working with an excellent facilities services team. The old adage that first impressions are the most important is as true in business as it is in personal relations, and it’s important that business understand this when looking to work with a facilities services provider. The fact of the matter is that a professional building should be looking its very best in order to bring in new faces and leave a lasting impression on those who are seeing it for the very first time.


Better Bottom Line

When a company is able to successfully impress potential clients or customers with excellent landscaping and well-lit, clean offices and waiting rooms, it is far more likely that the new visitors will have a favorable first impression of the company itself. Imagine a client walking into a building that is well landscaped, has clean bathrooms, and overall gives off feelings of cleanliness and professionalism both inside and outside of the building. These clients will be far more likely to work with a company that gives off a lasting, favorable first impression, which converts into a better bottom line to the company itself.

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At Pioneer Facility Services, we understand the importance of leaving a lasting first impression on new clients, and we make it our commitment to you to offer only the best in maintenance services, both inside and out. Whether it be landscaping to help you building set itself apart from others, or a professionally trained Help Desk to ensure that your clients are getting the best possible experience in troubleshooting, we at Pioneer Facility Services wish to give your company an excellent name and look, and our team of professionals is ready to transform your building from ordinary, into extraordinary.

If you are looking to work with a company that offers all of the facility services you could ever need, look no further than Pioneer Facility Services. We offer a very wide array of services, from lavatory maintenance, to general office cleaning, to professional landscaping services. Each member of our team is passionate about a job well done, and you can rely on them to give your company a look that is sure to impress visitors, both new and old.

Contact Pioneer Facility Services today if you are looking for only the best in facility services. By working with us, you can transform your commercial building and boost your client base in no time.


Here at Pioneer Facilities, we pride ourselves on our long history of serving our community. Since we began in 1986, we’ve grown from servicing a single supermarket in Swan Hill, to an expansive business serving over 600 clients. Today, we now serve clients throughout all of Australia and New Zealand, meaning that we are able to service anyone, anywhere. We’ve grown from a small crew to a team of over 1,000 professionals, and we’re looking to serve you and your company in the very best way that we can.


Since Pioneer Facilities began in 1986, we’ve always made our clients our top priority, and we believe this is what has allowed us to grow in the way that we have. Our biggest focus is serving our clients to the very best of our abilities, while maintaining steady growth at the same time. However, we understand how important it is that each client receive the quality of service that we promise, and we make it our goal to ensure that each and every one of our clients is satisfied before taking on any new contracts. By running our company in this way, we ensure that each of our clients receives the very best possible facility services in Australia, whether they have worked with us for decades, or they’ve just decided to join the Pioneer Facilities family.

Here at Pioneer Facilities, we have a commitment to our clients that is unmatched by other facility services in Australia. We are dedicated to doing the best possible job for each and every one of those who works with us, and we pride ourselves on the consistency of our work. Our teams are the most highly trained in the business, and will deliver only the highest-quality final results. If you are looking for a professional team that is passionate about a job well done, look no further than Pioneer Facilities.


What really makes Pioneer Facilities the very best in facility services is how we hold ourselves to a higher standard than what is expected of us. We wish not only to meet the expectations of each and every one of our clients, but we wish to exceed them. Our mission is to have our customers walking away fulfilled with a job well done, and we believe that with our crew of highly trained, passionate professionals, we can give each of our clients the best in facility services.

While our passionate and professional team of staff are part of what makes us the best in facility services, we also pride ourselves on our innovative equipment, as well as our wide array of services. We work with the top names in industrial facility services equipment, and we work to develop innovations that work better than ever before. Our goal is to serve our community in the very best way that we can, and we believe that our knowledgeable and experienced crew, combined with our innovative machinery and dedication to doing a job well done makes us the best in all of Australia for facility services.